Anton Jae | We Make Your Business Better

We Make Your Business Better

Anton Jae Will Help You Mold Your Business into a Money Making Masterpiece

We provide perspective, tough love, and a proven system for finding answers to underlying business problems that will propel an enterprise to greatness.

This isn’t easy work. That’s why we are not only demanding of our clients themselves, but about the kinds of clients we choose to work with. Some might say we’re exclusive.

Before working with Anton Jae, we need to know you’ve not only got potential, but that you’re willing to look hard at your business. You must be willing to delve deep to learn what makes you great, but also where you went wrong. And then take the steps to change that.

In other words, your business will work better and you'll get the credit.

The Biggest Problem with Your Business… Is You.

Say it with us: “I am my biggest problem.” If you're ready to face that truth, you’re ready for us. At Anton Jae, we only work with clients willing to admit their shortcomings and work like hell to fix them.

We aren't interested in making you like us - we’re interested in your success.

Business Growth Master Class

Growth: How to Master Your Business G-Spot

Your business. Made better.

Stop making excuses and join this digital online course.

We Build a Foundation

Being optimistic about the success of your business is great, but ask yourself, “Why haven't I already become the best?" Businesses aren't built on blind optimism – they’re built on solid foundations. Our team of experts will help get your business working for you, not the other way around.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree,
I will spend the 1st four hours sharpening the axe.

~Abraham Lincoln

What We Do

At Anton Jae, we’re simultaneously in the background yet in the trenches right alongside you. Your mistakes will get fixed because we’ve fixed our own. We’ve been there - and we’re here now to make sure you move ahead and achieve the success we see for you.









What Anton Jae does is different and more effective than anything else I have seen.

Dr. Ambuj Jain

Founder of Feed A Billion

Cheryl Snapp Connor

We have increased communication to a level we had never achieved before, and we have the perfect true north guiding our business.

Cheryl Snapp Connor

CEO and Founder of SnappConner PR

Our deep dive with Jason and Joe exceeded every expectation. The level of engagement they brought to our team was superlative and extraordinary.

David Rosenbaum

CEO of Rosenbaum IP